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Welcome to the Flyers Hockey Club - Skokie, IL


2017/2018 Fall Head Coaches

Midget Major - John Mejia

Midget Minor - John Naanep/John Mejia

Bantam 1 - Rick Dieker

Bantam 2 - Thom Straza

2005's - Anthony Booth

PeeWee 2 - John Tiano

2006's - Steve Glickman

2007's - Adam Elzinga

Squirt 2 - David McGowan

Squirt 3 - Andrew Binder

Mite 1 - Craig Johnston

Mite 2 - Steve Glickman


Summer Off-Ice Strength and Conditioning

Early bird pricing and also options to choose 20 or 30 sessions.

Early bird pricing - by May 20th

30 sessions - $350 (all sessions)

20 sessions - $270 (choose 20 sessions)


Regular Pricing 

30 sessions - $390 (all sessions)

20 sessions - $300 (choose 20 sessions)


Drop in is still $20


Please email to reserve your spot!

Mission, Vision and Core Values


Provide the youth of our community with the positive values of good sportsmanship, teamwork, self-discipline, and responsibility through the sport of ice hockey.

Vision Statement:

In a spirit of teamwork, safety and sportsmanship, we provide high-quality programs to teach and support the sport of ice hockey. Our organization looks to have at least one team at every level competitive at highest level of Tier II hockey. 

Core Values

  • Commitment - Fully involve and pledge ourselves to achieving our full potential.
  • Hard Work - Always give our best effort in the things we do.
  • Passion - Devote ourselves to and be enthusiastic about playing, coaching and supporting the sport of ice hockey.
  • Integrity - Be honest, truthful, and never compromise on our principles.
  • Sportsmanship - Show fairness and respect to teammates and opponents alike. Be gracious in winning and losing.
  • Teamwork - Put aside individual needs or wants and work together for the benefit of the team and organization.
  • Have Fun - Enjoy the sport of ice hockey and camaraderie with teammates.
  • Respect - Show consideration and regard for our teammates, coaches, referees, opponents, and fans and avoid put downs or trash talk.